Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Pterosaur and ROPEN Chemiluminesence Sightings Globally


Paul Nation: PNG 2017 https://1drv.ms/b/s!AlXL5jB-adWqiGHkIkiQoJRj_FWU

Pterosaur: Elongated Facial Characteristics

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Wing underside markings are identical, left and right. This is CONSISTENT with the photo possibly being fraudulent (that one wing was used twice). Notice the arrows are color-coded to spatially specific points on BOTH wings. The right wing was vertically rotated (counter-clockwise), then horizontally flipped (left-to-right)...to confirm the identical wing markings. These patterns are consistent with the photo NOT being authentic (possibly), particularly as the darkened areas reveal precisely the same shadow patterns. As more information develops regarding this photo, such data will be presented by BSM Research Sciences.

Therefore it is essential to establish a table matrix showing positive ("pros") and negative ("cons") of the photo. The "pros" for example, consisting of the branch in the beak (not readily noticed); the bending of stubs on the ground, indicating dragging the animal over and into position; the men leaning on muskets for stabilization for the required 10-15 second exposure; and of course the highly detailed EYE of the animal. The "cons" on the other hand will certainly include the IDENTICAL wing markings seen below.

Hamburg, Germany Pterosaur

Equalized Intensity Distribution of Pteranodon 19th Century Photo

Consistency of Union Uniforms in 19th Century Pteranodon Photo


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Ptero Lights Nation Wide

Potential Aerial Collision Near Myrtle Beach

Brown Mountain Lights

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